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Code of Ethics for B56 Committee and Subcommittee Members

1.0 Purpose

The Industrial Truck Standards Development Foundation (ITSDF) endeavors to conduct its business in a manner conforming to the highest ethical standards. ITSDF’s reputation for integrity and openness are among its most valuable assets in its relationships with the users of its standards, the volunteers that devote the time and energy necessary to develop the standards, the national and international standards development community, and the public at large.

2.0 Scope

The statements of principles contained in this Code of Ethics for B56 Committee and Subcommittee Members (hereinafter “Members”) have been prepared to guide the conduct of B56 activities to comply with the highest ethical and legal standards. It is essential that all Members conform to these principles in performing their duties and carrying out B56 activities. These principles are not intended to supply specific guidance for every business activity, but rather to provide guidelines for the continuing policies of ITSDF on ethical business behavior, which must be observed by all Members throughout the world. Where the Code of Ethics is specific, it should be followed to the letter. If certain situations are not expressly covered, Members are expected to consider the spirit of this Code of Ethics in determining the most appropriate course of action. ITSDF takes violations of the Code of Ethics very seriously. Violations of this Code may result in the termination of B56 Membership pursuant to paragraph 3.1.8 of the “Procedures for ITSDF Consensus Committees”. Each B56 Member will subscribe to this Code of Ethics in the space provided below.

3.0 Responsibility

3.1 B56 Members shall read, become familiar with, and adhere to the Procedures for ITSDF Consensus Committees.

3.2 B56 Members shall act honestly and in good faith with a view to the best interest of the ITSDF standards development process. Although it is recognized that legitimate differences of opinion can exist on individual issues, B56 Members should support and promote the defined broad objectives of ITSDF.

3.3 B56 Members are expected to stay current with all ITSDF standards development activities in which they are directly or indirectly involved. B56 Members should encourage full participation in ITSDF’s standards development process by all interested persons, and they should encourage and facilitate the full and open dissemination of all information necessary to enable full and fair consideration of all points of view.

3.4 In all discussion, debate, and deliberation within the ITSDF standards development process, B56 Members shall confine their comments to the merits of the scientific, technical, and procedural issues under review. Although B56 Members may zealously advocate their views or positions, they shall refrain from debate and discussion that is disrespectful, threatening, or otherwise unprofessional in tone or which is unduly personalized or damaging to other B56 Members and the overall process of achieving consensus.

3.5 B56 Members shall take appropriate steps to ensure that any public statements, either written or oral, which are not official statements of ITSDF, are properly portrayed as the opinion or position of that individual B56 Member. B56 Members shall not make any public statements, either written or oral that misrepresents the activ- ities of the B56 standards development process or the members’ role, position, or actions in the B56 standards development process.

3.6 B56 Members have a continuing obligation to provide ITSDF with timely, accurate and complete information concerning their qualifications, organization affiliations and interest classification.

3.7 B56 Members shall actively and diligently perform all duties required of them. This includes fully preparing for B56 meetings they are attending; reading and becoming familiar with all comments and discussions relating to proposals on which their committee or subcommittee is to act; promptly completing all ballots; and promptly and thoroughly taking all actions necessary to complete the processing of documents within their committee or subcommittee. B56 Members are encouraged to attend all B56 meetings.

3.8 B56 Members who have been classified General Interest comprise a category of independent consultants and experts who are generally unallied with any particular business or commercial interest. On occasion, however, independent consultants in this category may be retained by a client to advocate on behalf of the client with regard to a specific issue or issues before the committee or subcommittee. Accordingly, the consultant shall declare those interests to the committee or subcommittee in a timely fashion and shall refrain from voting on any proposal relating to issue(s) in which the interests of the consultant’s client are or may be potentially involved.

3.9 B56 Members frequently receive funding from their employers, organizations, or other sources for their participation in ITSDF’s standards development process, and they have an affirmative and continuing obligation to declare those sources of funding to ITSDF. Apart from those declared sources of funding, B56 Members must not solicit or accept gifts, hospitality, or transfers of economic benefit, other than unsolicited gifts or other benefits of nominal value, from persons, groups, or organizations having dealings with their committee or subcommittee or under any circumstances in which the benefit would be or could appear to be bestowed or accepted for the purposes of influencing the members’ activities within the ITSDF standards development process. This Section

3.9 is not intended to prohibit authorized reimbursements by ITSDF for travel and living expenses of B56 Members nor authorized honorariums paid by ITSDF.

3.10 B56 Members shall treat all persons with respect and fairness and should not offer or appear to offer preferential treatment to any person or group.

3.11 B56 Members shall refrain from disseminating false or misleading information or from withholding information necessary to a full, fair, and complete consideration of the issues before their committee or subcommittee.

3.12 B56 Members shall not harass, threaten or coerce other members in an effort to persuade or sway votes. This does not preclude the straight forward lobbying of other B56 Members for support or opposition to issues, proposals, etc.

3.13 B56 Members shall comply with ITSDF’s Patent Policy.

3.14 B56 Members shall respect ITSDF’s copyright and the copyright of other individuals and organizations.

4.0 ITSDF, B56 Members and the Law

4.1 It is ITSDF’s policy to comply fully with all laws and regulations that govern its operations in the various communities, states and countries in which it operates, and to conduct its affairs in keeping with the highest moral, legal, and ethical standards.

4.2 Honesty is not subject to compromise at any time in any culture and, even where the law may be permissive, ITSDF will follow the course of highest integrity. The reputation of ITSDF for scrupulous dealings is a priceless asset, just as it is for individuals. It is the intent of this B56 Code of Ethics to maintain and continuously develop this asset.

5.0 Use of Corporate Name or Influence

B56 Members shall not use the name or influence of ITSDF for personal purposes. The foregoing provision does not prohibit an accurate statement or listing of a Members’ service on B56 committees and subcommittees.

6.0 Seeking Guidance and Reporting Potential Violations

6.1 Guidance - B56 Members should consult Brian Feehan, the President of ITSDF,, if they have any questions or concerns regarding this Code or determining an appropriate course of action.

6.2 Reporting - B56 Members may report issues concerning violations to the Code of Ethics to the appropriate B56 Chair. The B56 Chair will review the issue with the Main Committee Chair and they will take appropriate action when necessary

I have read the foregoing Code of Ethics for B56 Committee and Subcommittee Members and agree to conduct myself in accordance with its provisions.

I am a member of the following Committee/Subcommittee(s) of ITSDF B56:

Name: ___________________________________

Company: ________________________________

Date _____________________ Signature: _________________________________

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March 6, 2014